The Reading Culture: Yearbook 2023

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This past September, we celebrated one year of The Reading Culture podcast. Although we didn’t celebrate it at the time, we are looking back on the year now with what we hope will become an annual tradition. It’s The Reading Culture, Yearbook edition!


Forget about Best Dressed and Most Likely to Succeed. We have everything from “Most Emo Moment” to the “I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying” award. That’s right, we went back through the past year plus and scoured each episode for some of our very favorite moments. So take a walk down memory lane and enjoy some of the most memorable stories from the beloved authors and illustrators who have joined the podcast. 


Thank you to everyone who has listened and shared The Reading Culture podcast this year. We saw our show shoot up to number one on Apple Podcasts several times and have well over 250,000 downloads (and counting)! We couldn’t reach as many people with these important stories without your support.


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