Reading Integrity Without Quizzes

Use reading challenges as alternatives to Accelerated Reader and other quiz-based reading platforms to increase reading comprehension, uphold reading accountability, and create lifelong readers with less stress and tests.

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Bring the Fun Back to Reading

Foster a love of reading with reading challenges that encourage free choice reading without quizzes. Students can pick their own books, build a diverse reading log, and grow reading streaks as they hit big reading goals.

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Summer reading challenges help offset summer slide

Reading Accountability Made Easy

Our system makes it easy to keep students accountable without compromising their independent reading motivation.

  • Reading comprehension questions are more equitable than AR quizzes

    Reading Validation Challenges

    Our optional reading validation challenges ask students short and simple reading verification questions with fill-in-the-blank answers.

  • Book Reviews

    Encourage critical thinking and analysis with book review badges. Require a minimum character count for students' reviews and approve submissions for other students to view.

  • Beanstack reading accountability features flag inflated reading logs

    Reading Log Limits

    Set warnings and limits when readers try to log above a specified amount of reading at one time. View potentially inflated reading to edit the log or connect with the student one-on-one.

  • Short Answer Activities

    Activities with open-text answer submissions add enrichment to students' independent reading and an extra layer of integrity to reading assignments.

Reward Reading Effort—Not Reading Points

Tired of incentivizing students to race through books to boost their number of points or to pick titles based on their point value? Use an alternative to Accelerated Reader that levels the playing field. Reward reading effort, like minutes spent reading or books completed, and watch motivation and reading program participation soar.

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“Beanstack really helped some of our students who were not into reading … It wasn't like … 'I have to go in here, write a paragraph,' … instead, 'I can really just read this book and log.' That works for a lot of our students.”
Jaycie Holland Media Specialist Mitchell County Middle School, Georgia

Learn how reading challenges helped boost Georgia middle school students' reading skills and comprehension scores by nearly 10% after two years of pandemic learning loss.

  • Unlimited Reading Choices

    There's no restrictive digital library or specified AR books. Readers can log any independent reading book or reading material—whether it's from the school library, their public library, or our collection of ebooks and original content—and get the same amount of credit.

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  • Break Free From Reading Levels

    Break Free From Reading Levels

    Ditch the algorithms, levels, AR tests, and points calculations in favor of free choice reading and student autonomy. With reading challenges, students can go on a book adventure that follows their interests, regardless of grade level or reading level. Any and all reading counts!

  • Create a Powerful Reading Hub

    The sky's the limit with Beanstack. We work with any and all book collections, open educational resources, and assessment strategies, and can even help drive up use of your existing resources with integrated activities, book lists, and challenges.

  • Reading list challenge support curriculum alignment

    Track Reading Lists and Assignments

    School media specialists can set up custom reading challenges to keep track of daily student reading logs, assign curriculum-aligned titles, promote new books, or require certain amounts of reading each day or week. Teachers and administrators can easily monitor their progress and guide students along their reading journey.

  • Activate Students' Intrinsic Motivation to Read

    Gamification features like achievement badges, reading streaks, and leaderboards turn reluctant readers into avid readers. The instant feedback, positive encouragement, and limitless choice in reading challenges help kids and teens rediscover the joy in reading.

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  • Create a Community That Reads

    We help you foster a reading culture at school and at home by making reading a community endeavor and not an isolated individual task. Readers can interact with each other through reading with friends and leaderboards, community goals, and classroom competitions.

    Build a Reading Culture
  • Read Across America and Love Your Library Reading Challenge

    Deepen Reading Engagement

    Encourage critical thinking and creative thought processes with learning activities, book reviews, and even lesson plan ideas. Beanstack reading challenges foster a deeper interaction with reading, instead of incentivizing students to scan for quizzes.

  • Develop Lifelong Readers

    Support and build literacy habits that last a lifetime. Reading challenges help students create reading habits by promoting student choice, encouraging recreational reading, and allowing readers to get lost in the flow of a story.

  • Get Results

    Easy-to-use dashboards and reports give insight into reading progress for individual students, classes, and teachers during a specific timeframe or for the entire school or school district during the school year. You can monitor reading goals, target your interventions, and report on reading gains.

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Make Independent Reading Your Top Priority

Beanstack provides an alternative to Accelerated Reader by promoting and reinforcing independent reading habits, allowing teachers to monitor students' reading progress without the burden of quizzes.

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