Library and School Tandem Connection

Give your community a holistic reading experience and grow reading habits at school and at the library with our one-of-a-kind tandem connection.

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How It Works

When local public libraries and schools connect their Beanstack sites, readers can:

  • Easily link their accounts on both sites

  • Use single sign-on to seamlessly switch between accounts

  • Simultaneously participate in library and school reading challenges

  • Automatically count all their reading toward both sites' goals

  • Rack up more badges and reading accolades

“A lot of our summer success comes because we partner with our local public libraries … Our students and staff are able to link their public library and school library Beanstack accounts, so that if they log on to one, they get recognition on the other.”
Heather Hartman-Jansen Milton M. Somers Middle School, Maryland

Boost Reading Participation

By giving your community a holistic reading tracking experience, tandem connections can supercharge your reading participation.

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    Double the Reading Motivation

    Once linked, kids and teens get double the payoff for their reading. With two times the reading challenges, badges, and recognition motivating them to read, linked readers log 107% more reading on average.

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    Promote Independent Reading Year-Round

    Our holistic reading approach helps readers grow their reading habits and participate in reading challenges no matter the time of year. With a simple single sign-on, students can read and log in one place to get credit during the school year and summertime.

Deepen Community Collaboration

Use a holistic approach to reading that fosters a partnership with your local school or public library counterpart. Our process helps library and educational systems work together to promote reading challenges that create a widespread reading culture in your community.

Get More Reading Data

Glean year-round reading insights and deliver more powerful reports with data from readers' library, school, and at-home reading sessions.

  • Get 360° View of Readers

    Tandem connected accounts give you a full, year-round picture of your community's reading skills, literacy development, and learning progress. Instead of seasonal slivers of data, a wider view helps you target your programming, make data-driven decisions, and secure stable funding.

  • Connect With More Readers

    Tandems help public libraries and schools grow participation in reading challenges and use of library resources, often reaching readers for the first time. In fact, 85% of students who create a linked library account through a tandem connection are first-time public library participants.

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