Raise Money With Reading

Run a reading fundraiser to collect donations that further your literacy efforts and reading goals.

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Fundraising Made Easy

Beanstack reading fundraisers save you from the hassles that come with physical fundraising alternatives like book fairs—and help you raise more.

  • Raise More Money

    Our ultra-low processing fees let you keep more of the funds you raise.

  • Save Time and Effort

    Rostering integration and user-friendly software make administration short and simple.

  • Expand Your Donor Base

    Widen your fundraising methods to tap into a whole new community of donors.

  • Eliminate Demanding Setup

    There's no taxing physical inventory, ordering logistics, or book fair space to set up.

  • Lessen Staffing Stress

    A streamlined virtual fundraiser means no need for volunteer or staff work shifts.

How Much Could You Raise?

See what's possible when you launch a reading fundraiser for your community! Enter your projected number of participants, tweak your participation percentage, and input your average donation amount to see how much you could raise in your own reading fundraiser.

You could raise


If 75% of your participants got just 5 sponsors each based on an average donation of 34.10 per donor.

How Reading Fundraisers Work

Reading fundraisers are a win-win way to inspire your community to read and to raise money for a good cause. Students or families earn badges for logging reading and collecting donations. Friends, family, and connections near and far donate money to applaud reading efforts and fund community improvements.

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Better Fundraising for Everyone

Running a reading fundraiser in our software and mobile app is a smooth and simple experience.

Reading fundraiser setup, donation tracking, and prize management are fast and easy in Beanstack, especially with our dedicated team of reading experts to give you personalized support.

Our suite of launch materials gets your team ready to rock, roll, read, and raise in no time. Public or school librarians and classroom teachers alike can easily input reading sessions and share their fundraising page.

The Beanstack web and mobile apps make it easy to add reading time in minutes and the number of books to a reading log, email and share a donation page, and earn badges as reading progress is made. These badges and other reading motivation and gamification features increase participation and stimulate reading activity.

Our easy and secure sponsor form and donation tools give donors confidence and community connection. Individual donors can leave fun messages for readers, while approved business sponsors can post ads on your landing page. We make it possible for all types of community members to get involved in a meaningful way.

Getting involved in your school's reading fundraising campaign and supporting their efforts is a breeze. With the help of administrators, you can have access to create and oversee the fundraising event while also taking the lead in securing community sponsorships to boost donations. PTA/PTO fundraising team may even be able to use resources like social media to acquire these sponsorships.

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Build Resiliency Into Your Fundraising

Reading fundraisers are pandemic-proof and fully virtual, so that you can reach your funding goals in dynamic environments. Inspire a love of reading and raise money at the same time!

Fire Up Your Readers and Donors

Spur on reading and raising with a big reading fundraiser community fundraising goal and then watch as the reading, donations, and supportive messages stack up. And you can easily add extra prizes for top readers, classrooms, or grades to motivate more readers and sponsors.

Broaden Your Donor Base

Relying on planned giving, book sales, and door-to-door fundraising drives can limit your reach and put stress on lower-income families. Our virtual reading fundraisers and accessible mobile app can help you bridge the digital and income divides to foster equitable participation in your capital campaigns.

Why Readathons Are More Equitable

Boost Your Budget

Make a bigger impact with reading fundraisers. Whether you want to fund literacy projects for your public library, diversify your school collections, pitch in on a building expansion, or fill in a funding gap, reading fundraisers let you raise and keep more money to maximize every donation with all your hard work.

Reading fundraiser dashboard with insights like total money raised, participants and sponsors.

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Talk to our team to see how Beanstack's reading fundraisers can help you raise money, encourage community reading, and help build a love of reading for students of all grade levels.