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Nurture a culture of reading at your school or library with reading challenges that motivate healthy reading habits and grow literacy skills.

Elementary age children sitting on the floor reading books at a library
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“Beanstack has revolutionized reading at our school in a month. I wanted to change the culture of our school to be reading and that's happening.”
Karen Firstbrook Technology and Library Specialist Spring Grove School, California

Make Reading Fun

Spark a true love of reading in students and families with our engaging reading challenges and see the ripple effect of a strengthened reading culture. We use awesome artwork, cutting-edge gamification, and an intuitive interface to motivate readers without the stress of quizzes or levels.

Reading challenge digital badge for completing sixty minutes read, featuring a giraffe and elephant face

Kids who read for fun perform better on standardized tests. Out of all the elementary students who scored at or above the 75th percentile in reading comprehension on a national assessment, half reported reading for fun almost every day.

Spread the Love of Reading

Our reading challenges are an equitable and flexible way to uplift readers with diverse backgrounds and reading abilities to create a reading culture for all.

  • All Abilities

    The Beanstack web and mobile apps are accessible for all, with screen reader support, flexible grade level and age ranges, and an ongoing commitment to supporting diverse learning needs.

  • All Levels

    Use inclusive reading strategies, like providing project-based learning activities and rewarding reading time instead of rewarding reading levels, to turn reluctant readers into ravenous readers.

  • All Ages and Backgrounds

    Our easy and intuitive 4.7-star mobile app helps you bridge the digital divide to reach more of your community and give access to readers from all walks of life.

  • All Communities

    With diverse and fully customizable reading challenge templates for everything from summer reading to Black History Month, you can tailor your reading program to your community.

Motivate and Track Independent Reading

Rewarding reading challenges and easy tracking tools empower every student to form an independent reading habit, reach higher reading achievement, and develop true reading engagement.

  • Our learner-centered education approach gives young people boundless reading options and encourages them to read at their own pace.

  • Our intuitive user experience makes it simple for students and teachers to track independent reading time individually, as a group, or with a whole class.

  • Our comprehensive data dashboards compile reading metrics, including Lexile levels, allowing teachers to make recommendations and target interventions.

Connect All Your Reading Resources

Let Beanstack be a hub for all your school library's reading programs or district's literacy tools. Highlight ebook collections and school librarian recommendations with reading list challenges and book lists, and link students to school resources and databases with learning activities.

Principal Pick’s reading challenge featuring six books to read including Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Hit Big Community Reading Goals

We help over-deliver on your community reading goals. Whether your school district wants to log 1 million minutes this year or your library is aiming for 1,000 books read this summer, our engaging challenges and comprehensive reports help you get there.

Cultivate Community Connections

Strengthen your reading culture and connect students to even more books, challenges, and resources with our school-library tandem connection feature. When students link their school and public library accounts, all their reading counts toward two sets of challenges, badges, and logs.

Check Out Tandems
Beanstack tandem account login screen for student school account linking to library account

Free-Choice Reading With Integrity

Beanstack supports students' reading choices without restrictive levels or quizzes, while also giving you options to check and ensure reading integrity.

Ensure Reading Integrity
Reading verification answers to questions the book The Last Kids on Earth

Easy Teacher and Staff Involvement

Streamline reading tracking, assignments, and competitions for teachers, students, staff, and parents. No more messy reading logs—simply start a reading timer and focus on the book at hand!

Beanstack dashboard with list of teachers and classrooms participating in a reading challenge

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