Elevate Classroom Libraries

Motivate students to read books in classroom libraries and foster teacher-media specialist collaboration.

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Introducing the Classroom Library Connector

The Classroom Library Connector increases student engagement with classroom books and fosters collaboration between teachers and media specialists.

Save teachers’ time with our ISBN scanner to catalog books in classroom libraries and allow students to easily discover titles in their rostered classes. An organized library makes it easier for students to find exactly what they are looking for, whether it is a fiction book or nonfiction book.

Allow teachers and media specialists to create classroom reading challenges and share titles across the school to get students reading more.

Strengthen independent reading habits with gamification software proven to create sustained reading motivation.

Revolutionize classroom library organization with the Classroom Library Connector. It is complementary to any classroom library system educators have in place, whether that is shelf labels, genre labels, book bins, or other types of library labels.

Easy For All Users

Here’s how the Classroom Library Connector meets the needs of everyone in your school or district.

  • Instructional Staff

    Create and maintain classroom library lists by uploading a spreadsheet, using our state-of-the-art ISBN scanner, or entering titles manually. Organize books digitally by using reading lists to group by genre or author and provide book recommendations and feature new books through this tool.

  • School Librarians and Media Specialists

    View school-wide data on classroom library catalogs and help teachers manage their libraries. Collaborate with teachers to support students' independent reading habits and drive school and classroom library use.

  • Students

    View and log titles available in classroom libraries based on student rostering information. Participate in reading list challenges and view required reading lists that feature classroom library titles.

Created in Partnership With Educators Like You

We help librarians and educators motivate their communities to read. Beanstack's mission and platform empower our partners to focus on their literacy goals and maximize their available resources.

What Is Beanstack?

Beanstack is a digital platform that motivates communities to read through reading challenges and proven gamification principles.

Transform classroom libraries into digital reading list programs. Beanstack makes it fun and easy for students to read books and track their progress.

Stay organized with our built-in integrations with major rostering systems. We keep all your data up-to-date, and give students and staff easy single sign-on access in our intuitive interface.

Run a community-wide reading challenge across your school district, county, or state to boost your culture of reading, inspire book lovers, and galvanize readers around a shared community goal.

Leverage our gamification features like digital badges, reading streaks, friends, and leaderboards as proven intrinsic rewards. Even attach prizes or experiences to badges as extra incentives.

Incorporate your digital ebook catalog and other external resources directly into Beanstack by linking titles within a reading list or classroom library for easy access.

Use challenges and community goals to launch reading competitions that stir up friendly and motivational rivalries. When classrooms and communities compete, they can achieve big reading goals.

Ready to Learn More?

Get in touch to see how Beanstack can deepen reading engagement in your community.