The Reading Culture Welcomes Renée Watson

“There's just something about literally raising your voice and letting these words come out of you. That's powerful.” New York Times bestselling author Renée Watson has spent a lot of time working with students to help them find their voice. She found the power in her own voice at an early age, and her writing ranges from picture books to young adult novels.


Renée believes in poetry’s powerful ability to amplify voices. From incorporating poetic elements in her stories to writing entire stories in verse, Renée utilizes poetry in a way that makes her writing incredibly poignant. She taps into lighthearted humor with her “Ryan Hart” series and then goes deep and real with her YA novels like “Piecing Me Together.” Her interview is truly a cup of joy. 


Renée’s unique reading challenge, Verse Through Voice, shares some of her favorite stories told in poetic form. She also asks readers to take their experience one step further with a special challenge once they have done their reading!


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