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If you talk with New York Times bestselling author, Nicola Yoon, for just about five minutes, she will probably admit to you that she is a “romantic goober.” Of course, if you’re familiar with Nicola’s work, this will come as absolutely no surprise to you. Nicola’s obsession with romance began in childhood after the discovery of her aunt’s harlequin romance collection. From then on, Nicola’s love of love would only grow stronger. But while her passion for romance was a love at first sight, her passion for writing was more of a slow burn.


Today, Nicola Yoon boasts an impressive resume as a two-time New York Times bestselling author, a finalist for the National Book Award, a recipient of the Michael L. Printz Honor Book, and a winner of the Coretta Scott King New Talent Award. Notably, her first two novels, “Everything, Everything” and “The Sun Is Also a Star,” have been successfully adapted for the big screen. (Yes, Yara Shahidi!)


In this episode, Nicola tells us why she fell in love with the romance genre and how she found her way to writing as a career after 15 years in finance. She also shares her own love story about how she ended up with her husband and fellow writer, David Yoon. Nicola also delves into the background of the new-ish imprint she and David started, Joy Revolution, which aims to bring more diversity to the romance genre.


For her reading challenge, Good Grief, Nicola curates a list of books about love, romance, and grief that help us explore these intersecting emotions and experiences. 


This week’s Beanstack Featured Librarian is Nikki Hayter, a Library Manager with the Des Moines Public Library. She tells us about a unique program her library recently started.


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