Reading Challenge Ideas for Your Library in 2022

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It's a new year, which means it's time for a library programming refresh! The team at Beanstack is ringing in the year with a list of 2022 reading challenges that will inspire your readers to step outside their comfort zones. From challenges that celebrate diversity to virtual road trips, you are sure to find something unique to motivate your patrons. 


Libraries that use Beanstack can choose seasonal, monthly, or yearlong challenges—or mix it up and experiment with different formats throughout the year. Here are just a few of the challenges we're excited to share with you for 2022:


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Seasonal Challenges

Seasonal challenges typically last one month and encourage students to celebrate the season through reading. Seasonal challenges are completely customizable, so you can personalize them to fit your region or community. Here are a few of our most popular seasonal challenges:


Winter Read 2022

Every January, Beanstack hosts our annual winter reading challenge. Our 2022 reading challenge, "Read for a Better World," is sponsored by Lerner Publishing Group and inspires students to read diverse books, build empathy, and learn about social action. 


Spring Into Reading

What better way to celebrate spring than with a reading challenge? Our annual Spring Into Reading challenge comes with bright badges and playful activities to inspire patrons and students alike. You can host the challenge for a month, or keep it going all spring long. 


Back to School Reading Challenge

Get students back in the reading spirit with our Back to School reading challenge. Held from the beginning of August to the end of September, this challenge ensures that patrons and students will return from summer break ready to learn.


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Monthly Challenges

Monthly reading challenges are a great way to give your readers an energy boost and rally your community around a common theme. Many of Beanstack's monthly challenges center around building empathy and celebrating community, like Teacher’s Appreciation Month, Read Kind, and Family Stories. Some of our favorites include:


Black History Month

Every February, we celebrate Black History Month with a themed reading challenge that features notable Black authors and illustrators. During the month, readers are encouraged to check out books and complete challenges about Black art and culture, the Civil Rights Movement, and more.  


Women Change-Makers

In March, we honor female heroes during Women's History Month. Via curated reading and educational activities, our Women Change-Makers challenge teaches students and patrons about the powerful women who have shaped history. 


Native American Heritage Month

In the month of November, encourage your students and patrons to celebrate Native American culture at the library. Our Native American Heritage Month challenge features award-winning Native American authors for readers of all ages, plus fun activities and badges.


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Yearlong Challenges

Want to keep your students and patrons reading all year? Yearlong challenges offer patrons the chance to earn badges and complete activities no matter the month or season. Beanstack offers a variety of customizable templates to revitalize your 2022 reading challenge:


American Road Trip Challenge

Take readers on a virtual cross-country trip with this yearlong reading challenge that celebrates our country's diversity and natural beauty. As patrons and students check out books from each region, they will earn badges with famous landmarks and historical sights. 


100 Books Before Graduation

Send off your graduates with fanfare with the 100 Books Before Graduation challenge. This reading challenge is customizable for any graduating age group, and school libraries can even add their own themes to personalize the challenge.  


New Horizons Challenge

Every year, Beanstack offers a new yearlong challenge to keep your patrons and students engaged. This year, our challenge theme is New Horizons, and we’re asking patrons and students to put on their adventure caps and explore uncharted territory through reading. 


No matter which 2022 reading challenges you choose, Beanstack provides customizable templates full of marketing materials, posters, badges, and more. Our templates make it easy to get started while leaving space for your personal touch. And remember, the team at Beanstack is always adding new challenges to our library—so make sure to keep an eye out all year long! 


Curious about other reading challenges coming to Beanstack in 2022? Download our challenge roadmap or dig deeper into challenge content.

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