Introducing the Reading Culture Trailblazer Award

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As a reading motivation platform, we’ve learned through data that competition, recognition, and gamification help students develop a love for reading. We’ve been sharing these positive statistics with our clients, but we’ve decided to take it a step further to kick off Read Across America Month. In our commitment to support our school clients in achieving success, we’re introducing the Reading Culture Trailblazer Award.


What is the Reading Culture Trailblazer Award?

The Reading Culture Trailblazer award is granted to schools with over 75% of their students logging reading through Beanstack each school year. We believe that schools that achieve this recognition use Beanstack effectively to build a culture of reading in their school community. 


Alongside the recognition, we’re sharing a digital badge for winners to proudly display on websites, email signatures, school newsletters, and other channels. Plus, award recipients will receive our Reading Culture Rebate, a $150 gift card redeemable at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Papa John’s, Dunkin, Target, or Walmart. We hope educators use this rebate to support and celebrate reading at their schools and further develop their reading culture. Winners can also choose to donate the funds to a charity of their choice.


The Data Behind Goal Setting and Recognition

Our data shows that schools that set a community-wide reading goal log 105% more minutes than those without a goal. Additionally, community goals play a significant role in fostering sustained reading habits, including motivating three out of every four students to read for seven consecutive days or more. 


Along with community goal setting, providing students with public recognition and the opportunity to earn rewards is another best practice. We’ve found that readers in challenges with rewards or virtual raffle tickets log, on average, 19-21 minutes of reading daily. Adding just one reward to a challenge more than doubles (+101.67%) average participation compared to challenges without rewards. From offering tangible rewards to acknowledging students verbally during morning announcements, these effective strategies help boost reading motivation in students of all ages


Special Shoutout from Mark Cuban

As you may know, Beanstack received one of its first investments from Mark Cuban on ABC’s Shark Tank. Speaking from experience, having a partner who believes in you and supports your mission is a wonderful advantage. We hope this recognition and investment further solidifies our investment in you, our school partners, and the reading communities you serve. We believe in you. We believe in what you’re doing. As Mark says, “Reading is so important … Getting excited about reading a book is the best thing you can do.”


So, here’s a congratulatory message from Mark Cuban to all current Reading Culture Trailblazer Award recipients. 


Video message from Mark Cuban


If you’re a current client looking to become a Reading Culture Trailblazer, contact our client success team. First time hearing about Beanstack; contact us for more information. 


As always, keep reading.  

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