Cultivating a Love for Reading: The Playbook

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Recently, I wrote an article for The Learning Counsel about our playbook for motivating student reading and its impact on the school reading culture. To recap, here are the foundational three steps:

  1. Community reading challenges
  2. Competitions
  3. Rewards and recognition

This three-step playbook is based on data from clients who successfully use Beanstack to grow independent reading in their schools and districts. Here’s my favorite snippet: 


“Our partner surveys have consistently shown that incentives, rewards, and recognition are key in boosting student engagement and achievement. Imagine the excitement of a pizza party, a field trip, meeting a favorite author, or getting an exclusive library tour. These kinds of rewards can significantly ramp up participation in reading programs. And it’s important that we embrace the effectiveness of incentives for today’s student and trust the data that shows these extrinsic motivators do, in fact, lead to an intrinsic love of reading.


For example, in Pasco County, they reported that their secondary schools are very engaged with what they call the “Read a Latte” cart. Students’ wins are celebrated with snacks and beverages, pulling them out of class to enjoy a treat from the cart. As you might imagine, the buzz spreads quickly once the student returns to class, and peers are quick to want to know how to earn a treat.”


As I note in the original article, schools that celebrate, encourage, and cherish reading yield positive results academically and socially. Focusing on the joy of reading inspires students and offers them community and belonging. 


Our mission at Beanstack perfectly pairs with educators' mission to foster motivation for learning, support children's development, teach them competencies, and prepare them for their future. It all begins with the power of reading.


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