Client Spotlight: DeKalb Votes Challenge

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We love shining a spotlight on our amazing Beanstack clients! Libraries are so often our capeless heroes, calling upon immense knowledge, powerful resources, and compassionate leadership to unite and empower their communities. Our clients never cease to impress and inspire us with their creative programming and ways of utilizing our software to reach patrons, encourage engagement, and share their wealth of information.


November 3rd is a date that looms in anticipation, nervousness, and hope for many across the country and around the world. Millions of people have already cast ballots, are planning trips to the post office soon, or are prepared to don their masks to vote in person. Meanwhile, others may be new to voting and need more information about the process. We were thrilled to learn about one of our clients utilizing Beanstack to encourage their patrons to exercise their civic duty in the U.S.


DeKalb County Public Library has taken on such a lead with their “DeKalb Votes” challenge, and has used our template creation tools to do so efficiently and effectively. Their activities-based challenge invites participants to learn about the history of voting in the U.S., find voter registration information and resources, provide election dates, absentee ballot information and much more. DeKalb County Public Library aims to empower their readers to use their voices to effect change. Participants complete a pledge to vote, and are directed beforehand to resources such as My Voter Page to confirm their polling precincts. 


Badges for Dekalb Votes ChallengeBadges for Dekalb Votes Challenge


Activities include: 

  • Exploring the Smithsonian’s virtual exhibit “A Voice, a Vote” 
  • Learning about The Civil Rights History Project, voting rights, and voting activists
  • Resources for voting with a disability 
  • Organizing and volunteering at voter registration events or joining advocacy groups 
  • Checking voter identification requirements & bringing a valid form of ID to vote


...and dozens more. Readers earn badges for completing activities along the way, and then complete the challenge by verifying their polling location or mailing in their absentee ballot and voting. The reward? A voice in the future of our democracy. The challenge is available for DeKalb County Public Library patrons on their Beanstack site at and runs August 10-November 10, 2020.


Understanding our electoral process can be overwhelming enough without a world-wide pandemic, continued battles for justice and inclusivity, nonstop media consumption, and a new Zoom-based frontier. We are more socially anxious and isolated than ever before and it is vital that we understand the value and complexities of voicing our needs as a People. We are proud to work with such innovative leaders and encourage everyone to get out there and rock the vote! 

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