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Welcome back to our 5 Kinds of Nonfiction series! During the month of March, Beanstack and Lerner are teaming up to bring you the 5 Kinds of Nonfiction challenge! The 5 Kinds of Nonfiction include active, browsable, traditional, expository literature, and narrative nonfiction. Read more here about this system in our interview with author and creator Melissa Stewart. In this blog series, we will highlight a different type of nonfiction, define its features, and share a few favorite texts that fit in this category. 



Today’s post is all about browsable nonfiction. Browsable nonfiction is great for readers new to a subject area or trying to gauge their interest. They can skim or hone in on interesting facts since browsable nonfiction doesn't have to be read sequentially or in its entirety (although you certainly could). There are often multiple illustrations or photographs per page and readers can focus on whatever information they find most intriguing. 



Ready to dive in? Here are some of our favorite browsable nonfiction books for elementary through high school from Lerner Publishing Group.


Stickmen's Guide to Engineering - In this STEM book, readers will learn about the many facets of engineering. From iconic landmarks to the inner workings of your own home, engineers are responsible for it all. Learn more about the mechanics of vehicles, the building of bridges, and the evolution of engineering in this highly engaging text.



Garbage and Trash - Get ready to be grossed out and amazed! With hilarious photos and a silly rating system, this browsable book takes you on a journey from the dumpster to the big city and highlights the scavengers that clean up our leftovers. A closer look at the modern food chain.



Incredible History Trivia - Put away the boring history textbooks and try this one! Packed with fun facts, quizzes, and Q and A’s, this book will engage even the most reluctant history reader. Stretch your mind with questions like, What was the original fast food? and What was the shortest war in history?


She Represents - This book will help readers learn about the female change-makers and activists who are making a difference right now! Readers will learn about their life stories, notable quotes, and plans for the future in this fascinating find.



Where Have All the Bees Gone? - Bees have long seemed an enemy and nuisance. But they are an essential part of our ecosystem, pollinating our most vitamin-rich and essential foods. Simply put, we need bees. Scientists started noticing that some of them went missing. Now, we are on a mission to bring bees back and everyone can help. 


Stay tuned for more as we dive into the 5 Kinds of Nonfiction. For more information about Lerner Publishing Group, visit www.lernerbooks.com.


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