Sponsor a Reading Challenge & Inspire Thousands of Communities

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Sponsor a reading challenge to share ideas, promote literacy, and make a personal connection with the communities you care most about. We’ll help you design a custom theme with goals and milestones tailored to you, then feature your challenge in 1,000s of schools and libraries to inspire participation.

Example Challenges

Find the challenge that’s right for you, or work with us on a brand new idea.

Reach Millions

Your challenge will reach our network of 2M readers and generate tremendous media momentum with national relevance. Most importantly, you’ll make a huge impact on the lives of the community members involved.

The Process


We’ll help you pick a theme, time of year, and prize that works best for your brand.


We’ll provide a marketing toolkit including social media support and press coverage.


Encourage your network to break reading records by joining the challenge.

The Power of Reading

Kids who read 20 minutes a day take in 1.8 million more words each year and perform better academically.

10 Minutes per day 622,000 more words
5 Minutes per day 282,000 more words


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