The Hourglass

by Beanstack

Reading Light, Night Light, and Timer

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Children who read 20 minutes a day take in 1.8 million more words each year and gain better outcomes.

But it's not easy to keep track of your child’s reading or motivate your child to read more. That's why we created the Hourglass.



The Hourglass combines an age-old tool with a modern user experience, while minimizing distractions from mobile phones and paper reading logs. 


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01. A Touch of Magic

Your child turns over the hourglass to begin a reading session. Move it to wherever they read and return it to its charging dock anytime.


02. Becoming Brighter

The light trickles from top to bottom and changes colors the more your child read. It also acts as a night light with soft LED lighting.

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03. All In Sync

The Hourglass connects by bluetooth with your mobile phone. Add your child’s reading session data to the Beanstack mobile app to earn virtual badges and keep a living history of their reading.


Mobile App

The perfect pairing! Using the Hourglass with the Beanstack mobile app can give you more insight into your child’s reading. View detailed stats about their reading sessions, including badges earned, books completed, total time spent reading, and more. You can even switch between multiple family members’ accounts with a quick tap.

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Reading Challenges

Time-bound and themed reading challenges are fun for kids and typically motivate them to read over 20% more minutes a day. So, the Hourglass also gives families free access to local, national, and school-based reading challenges through the Beanstack app. These challenges may reward individual kids with prizes or give them a way to contribute to a good cause.


September 15 to October 15, 2018

Back to School Challenge

Sponsored by Junior Library Guild

January 1 to January 31, 2019

Mark Cuban’s Winter Reading Challenge

Sponsored by Mark Cuban

March 2 to March 8, 2019

Read Across America Challenge

Sponsor to be announced

June 1 to July 31, 2019

Summer Reading Challenge

Sponsored by School Library Journal


Family-Friendly Design & Features

Track Reading Sessions with the Hourglass or the Beanstack app

Set reading timers and goals

Participate in local and national reading challenges

Receive digital badges for achievements

Set light to bright for reading or dim for night light

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About Beanstack


Beanstack's software and mobile app are used by over 1,000 schools and libraries around the world. We have taken everything we have learned from those partners and with experts in children’s literacy to create The Hourglass. Our mission is to create simple, delightful solutions that motivate communities to read more.


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Lifelong learning starts with the first 20 minutes.

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  • Unlimited Reading Challenges
Discounted from Retail Price of $39.99