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As announced on this week's episode of Shark Tank, we have launched a national reading challenge to help schools and libraries prevent learning loss during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Raise funds with Badge Books and Beanstack. Build a Culture of Reading.

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Zoobean Badge Book

Badge Books are reading companions sent by mail to your readers. They each work hand in hand with your Beanstack site. As your kids track reading through Beanstack, they unlock virtual badges that reveal where to place stickers in the book. Badge Books also include learning activities, a calendar, and themed reading challenges to be achieved by the end of each season.

As your readers’ parents buy Badge Books, your school or library receives a 25% commission on all sales. Or you can buy a minimum of 100 Badge Books at our wholesale price.

Why Fundraise With Badge Books?

How Do the Badge Books Work?

Combine your readers’ real-world reading with a digital experience to keep them reading, all year long.

  • Readers Receive A Badge Book By Mail

    Readers’ parents may order a badge book for Winter, Spring & Summer, and/or Fall. Or your school or library can buy Badge Books at a discounted, wholesale price.

  • Participate in Reading Challenges

    Readers participate in reading challenges through Beanstack. As they log their reading, they earn badges matched to stickers in the Badge Book.

  • You Gain Funds for Your School or Library

    You gain 25% each time a family buys a Badge Books. Readers can also use Beanstack without a Badge Book.

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Why Does It Matter?

Reading is to the brain as exercise is to the body — especially for kids.

Your Readers Will Love Badge Books

Badge Books provide everything your readers need to get motivated.

Increase independent reading and raise money.

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