Original and Ebook Content

Engage your community of readers with a library of original digital content and ebooks, all accessible directly in Beanstack reading challenges.

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Increase Reading With Engaging and Accessible Content

Our curated and convenient content is available for reading directly in the app to drive up your community's reading participation, increase use of your library resources, and cement daily reading habits—at no or low cost.

Beanstack reading challenges can align with curriculum requirements

Beanstack Originals: Reading Content Tailor-Made for Students

Our free Beanstack Originals reading challenges give elementary and secondary students high-interest, nonfiction Short Stacks stories in our intuitive ereader, directly in Beanstack, with no restrictions.

“These [Short Stacks] were great. They were short, they were appropriate, and they were interesting. They loved the physics of roller coasters, the dinosaurs, the robots, the toys … It hooks them.”
Jessica Schneider Elementary School Media Specialist Broward County Public Schools, Florida

Wide-Ranging Themes

Cater to students' diverse interests and ignite a love of reading with a wide variety of interesting topics and subject matter.

Creepy Crawlies

Readers in grades 3-5 and 6-8 go on library learning adventures with short vignettes from different library sections.

On This Day

Historically-minded students delve into world-changing events that took place “on this day” decades or centuries ago.

Heart Smarts

Students explore the history of hearts and Valentine's Day, different animal hearts, and amazingly adorable animal friendships.

Ebook Reading Challenges

Our ebook reading challenges give your readers access to valuable ebook content for the lowest price around. Each challenge includes unlimited simultaneous use access to multiple ebooks, without restrictive publisher agreements, book limits, or confusing digital rights management terms.

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Lerner ebook reading challenges available in Beanstack

Engaging Ebook Collections

Our challenge and ebook store spans high interest topics like science, sports, and graphic novels for kindergarteners to high schoolers, so students of all ages get and stay hooked on reading.

Think Like a Scientist

Give students grade-specific ebooks and matching challenges about STEM, the climate, renowned scientists, and more.

Awesome Animals

Nature-lovers dive into ebooks all about the animal kingdom, from nonfiction explorations to classics like “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London.

Read for the Stars

Astronomy awaits! Students take a space exploration with ebooks about exoplanets, trailblazing astronauts, and the history of space travel.

Lesson Plans and Curriculum Tie-Ins

Supporting learning materials help busy teachers and media specialists incorporate reading challenge content into the classroom and deepen student engagement. Our lesson ideas are easy to integrate into any teaching plan or curriculum.

Reading challenges can be integrating into existing teaching plans

Instant Reading Log Integration

When reading in Beanstack, our smart technology tracks students' time reading our in-app content. All they have to do is save and watch their challenge progress and badge count grow.

Connect All Your Reading Resources

Streamline access to all your reading content and resources with Beanstack. Students in all grades and reading levels can read compelling online reading content and link out to all your library's resources, while teachers can incorporate independent reading into curriculum and classroom learning.

Incorporate independent reading into the curriculum and classroom learning

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