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We make it easy to boost literacy and create a reading culture in your community.

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Why Reading Challenges?

When taking part in a reading challenge, participants read an average of 61 minutes a day. Reading challenges motivate readers with badges and completion prizes for logging reading, completing fun activities, and submitting book reviews in our user-friendly web and mobile apps. Your school or library staff get an intuitive interface, endless customization options, and instant data.

> 10 hours

Reading challenges create sustained reading habits. The average Beanstack summer reading participant logs more than 10 hours of reading per reading challenge.

“Reading challenges are infectious. Once kids see their peers participating, they'll want to participate, too.”
Kristy Gilpin Rollins Place Elementary School, Louisiana

See Reading Challenges In Action

Learn why thousands of schools and libraries across the globe run their reading challenges with Beanstack.

Summer Reading Simplified

As the go-to summer reading platform for libraries and schools around the world, we offer partnerships with popular summer reading content creators, book recommendations, easy staff tools for management and tracking, and a world-class user experience.

Run Summer Reading With Beanstack
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Easy-to-Use Reading Challenge Platform

We make it easy to customize and manage your reading challenges.

Reading challenge setup and customization for different ages and seasons is simple and straightforward. You can even run quality assurance checks and staff challenges.

Our extensive library with enhanced search functionality lets you quickly filter results and discover the perfect reading challenge template for your needs.

We provide hundreds of badges, banners, templates, social images, and customizable flyers to make challenge activation and promotion a snap. Or add your own designs to any challenge.

Whether organizing weekly drawings, raffling off a grand prize, or giving away registration prize packs, Beanstack streamlines your library's prizes and drawings so it's easy to determine winners and track redemption.

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Diverse Reading Challenges for All Communities

With Beanstack, you can provide timely and diverse reading motivation and content for adults and kids of all ages, from elementary school to high school. From seasonal templates that are re-upped each month to challenges with reading content directly in them, we have it all.

  • Win Big With Sponsored Reading Challenges

    Compete with thousands of schools and libraries in national sponsored reading challenges. We hold an annual summer reading challenge and winter reading challenge, plus competitions with sponsors like NASA @ My Library and Lerner Publishing. Prize drawings include book bundles, cash, and author visits.

  • Reading Challenge Templates

    Reading challenge templates are pre-created and optimized challenges that are available to all our partners. With just a few clicks, you can launch seasonal challenges like Black History Month or Fall Into Reading, ongoing challenges like 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, and evergreen challenges like 10 To Try.

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  • Fully Customizable Reading Challenges

    Build your own unique reading challenge from the ground up to customize your theme, reading milestones, and activities that align with your community initiatives or school curriculum.

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    Area-Wide Reading Challenges

    Run a community-wide reading challenge across your school district, county, or state to boost your culture of reading, inspire book lovers, and galvanize readers around a shared community goal.

  • Digital bingo reading challenge badges for summer reading

    Bingo Reading Challenges

    Digitize your bingo program and let readers choose how to complete the challenge or the whole card in a fun way.

  • Read Content Directly in a Reading Challenge

    Give readers engaging original content and ebooks directly within reading challenges. Kids can access select reading materials in the web or mobile app, track their reading in real-time, and add their reading session directly to their reading log.

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  • Bring Your Reading Lists to Life

    Transform your state, school, or library book list into a reading list challenge to increase circulation and community reading. Beanstack makes it easy for students, teachers, and families to read books and track progress for Battle of the Books, an award-winning book list, or a local book club.

  • Stoke the Competition

    Use challenges to launch reading competitions that stir up friendly and motivational rivalries. When classrooms and communities compete against each other, they can reach big reading goals and step outside of their comfort zones when it comes to reading progress.

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