Welcome Shark Tank Viewers!
As announced on this week's episode of Shark Tank, we have launched a national reading challenge to help schools and libraries prevent learning loss during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are you a Beanstack superstar in your school? Or maybe you aspire to be one? Join our community of stellar school librarians and teachers!

Show your commitment to building a culture of reading at your school and helping students achieve their reading goals by applying to be a Beanstack Certified Educator.

  • Level 1

    Bean Team

    Get to know Beanstack and share it with your students to earn your Level 1 Bean Team badge and more!

    Join the Bean Team
  • Level 2

    Stack Star

    Take it to the next level! Share the innovative ways you are using Beanstack within your immediate school community.

    Become a Stack Star
  • Level 3

    Super Stack Star

    Level up! Share the innovative ways you are using Beanstack within your district and beyond!

    Become a Super Stack Star

Interested in becoming a member of the BeanTeam but have questions? You can send your questions to certified@zoobean.com.

Level 1: Bean Team — Demonstrate your Beanstack knowledge

Ready to get your certification? Yeah, you’ve got this! To earn this badge, complete four of the six activities below:

  1. Attend a training at your school or participate in a virtual Beanstack training.
  2. Present Beanstack to your students and ensure they know how to log their first minutes/books in Beanstack.
  3. Create a unique reading challenge or opt into a Beanstack-run challenge like Winter Reading in which students at your school may participate.
  4. Customize your Insights dashboard and check to see which grade level has the most active readers over the past month.
  5. Review all of the reports. Select one that is useful for you. Then, customize its columns, and download or schedule the report to come to you regularly.
  6. Share the impact Beanstack has had on your students by leaving a 1-2 sentence review of our Beanstack Tracker app in the App Store or Play Store.

Completed these items?

Thank you for taking the steps to become a Level 1 Beanstack Certified Educator!

Get your badge

When you're ready, dive into the Level 2 Certification and become a Stack Star!

Prerequisite: Level 1 Bean Team Badge

Level 2: Stack Star — Share Beanstack within your school

Are you a BeanTeam member and ready to take it to the next level? Demonstrate your advanced knowledge of Beanstack by completing three of the six items below:

  1. Present about Beanstack to the teachers at your school.
  2. Share Beanstack with your parent community at a Back to School night, a parent association meeting, or another venue.
  3. Host an event or celebration at your school to kick off your challenge or to celebrate completion!
  4. Celebrate top readers (or classes of readers) in a creative way at your school (e.g. morning announcements, fun bulletin board). Brownie points: use the hashtags #stackstars #beanteam #beanstackreads #keepreading to tag us and be reposted on our social media channels!
  5. Report on Beanstack participation to your school leadership on a monthly basis.
  6. Show us (and the world) your Beanstack love. Share a post highlighting your use of Beanstack in any way (reading group, screenshot of logged minutes/books, how you are trending towards your challenge goal, etc.) on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram with the hashtags #stackstars #beanstackreads #keepreading #beanteam.

Completed these items?

Thank you for taking the steps to become a Level 2 Beanstack Certified Educator!

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When you're ready, dive into the Level 3 Certification and become a Super Stack Star!

Prerequisite: Level 2 Stack Star Badge

Level 3: Super Stack Star — Share Beanstack throughout your district and beyond

Note that we have a limited number of spaces available for Super Stack Star each year. If our program is filled for the current year, and you qualify, we will automatically add you to the waiting list.

Are people already asking you about how you have so much success at your school with Beanstack? That means you are ready to take it to that next level! Keep up the awesome work and become one of our elite Super Stack Star.

Show us how much you love Beanstack by completing two of the four items below:

  1. Create and share a unique resource you have used to promote Beanstack engagement at your school. This should be a resource that other school districts would find useful and could customize to match their needs. Submit your resource to certified@zoobean.com for review.
  2. Share the innovative ways you are killing it with Beanstack at your school by presenting at a professional development day or other meeting with peers — OR — Host a Beanstack meetup with other librarians or teachers using Beanstack in your district. Then send us a picture of your meetup via social media! Make sure to share the hashtags #stackstar #beanteam #beanstackreads #keepreading.
  3. Write and share a blog post, newsletter, podcast, or social post with enriching content about your use of Beanstack. Remember to use #stackstar #beanteam #beanstackreads #keepreading.
  4. Host a meetup at the Beanstack booth at an upcoming conference. Take the opportunity to promote your school, your district, and your experience and success in utilizing reading challenges to increase your school’s culture of reading to librarians from around the country. Contact us for more details on this one.

Completed these items?

WOW! Thank you for taking the steps to become a Beanstack Certified Educator! Keep an eye out for emails containing exclusive content, special events for Super Stack Stars at upcoming conferences, and more.

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